Abstract Kachina Necklace

Female Abstract Kachina measures 18.25” from bead to bead, from where the hook and eye meet is 21.25”, the piece can be worn 19.25” to 20.75” in length. Materials utilized are 14K gold for hook and eye with 14K beads sprinkled throughout bead necklace along with natural Australian Opal, Pink Coral, Sugilite and Turquoise. All stone beads are hand rolled, taking a minimum of 4 months to finish for this particular necklace. The pendant is 3” in length and just a bit over 1” at widest point of her body. She has kiva steps incorporated around the inlay stone work, again repeating use of Australian Opal, Pink Coral and Sugilite on the body and bail of the pendant. The face is Watermelon Tourmaline, all stones chosen were to represent the attributes of woman, mother and protector. Tourmaline for healing powers, soothing and calming effects. Sugilite brings gifts of wisdom and spiritual devotion, Pink Coral fosters compassion and actions of a caring manner, and turquoise is stone of protection. Opal, delicate, yet mesmerizing with the fire that comes from within represents the beauty of mother. These stones were selected were done for healing and spiritual properties, as well as the beauty each one brings to the finished piece. There is an eye shape cut out for the tourmaline to allow light to pass, but also for protection. One last detail comes in the form of the adjustable chain, which is also handmade, is the triangular drop at the end inlayed with Australian Opal and Pink Coral.